feed the machines.

Some are fast. Others are strong. Many have stamina. But they can’t see. They have no eyes. And no other skill to make up for it. They don’t realize when they make mistakes. They keep on working. It ends in chaos.



ABB acquires SVIA

Acquisition combines SVIA’s leading robotized machine tending solutions with ABB’s globally leading position in industrial automation

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Robots and our view of humanity

Is man simply a replaceable cog in a machine, or a unique, creative sapien that can adapt to any change? And how does the answer to to that question affect our behavior in an automation project?

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PalletPickerTX at Elmia Automation 2016

PalletPickerTX is fully automated and picks up tubular shapes directly from a pallet. It handles components that are in disarray just as well as those arranged in layers, with or without dividers.

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Successful automation is less about technology and more about how the technology is packaged. Ari Kesti, SVIA

the technology is advanced, the solutions are simple

Basically, our cells are similar to each other. They are designed to feed your machines and automate handling of the components used in your production.

With the right cell you will increase the speed, precision and safety of your operations.

Choose according to your need for strength, range and cycle times.

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Highly flexible / Expandable


Prepackaged / Ready to use


SVIA Acadamy

Albert Einstein may once have said: ”Logic will get you from A to B, imagination will take you everywhere.“ We can only agree.

When you take part in the training at SVIA Academy you’ll learn how to operate and program the robot cells. You’ll find out everything you need to know about the feeders, the robot system, the camera and the vision system for production to function smoothly and effectively.

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