about SVIA

Our company

SVIA is an idea-driven technology company. It is the people and their ideas, commitment and initiative.

Our people are ambitious. They think constantly about how to combine technology, flexibility and standardization. They are competent. They want you to like their ideas.

The company has an entrepreneurial spirit. We enjoy a challenge. We want to have fun. Our biggest challenge is preserving the entrepreneurial spirit even during times of rapid growth.

We plan to succeed.

Our vision 

Our customers already tell us we’re the best.

They praise the simplicity, flexibility, compactness, design and cost efficiency of our products. But we don’t allow ourselves to be satisfied.

We continue moving forward. Industrial automation can always be more cost effective, faster, simpler, better looking and have greater reliability. We are working to further standardize our products, with the goal of greater flexibility.

Our challenge is to guide the robot with even more precision.

We are seeking our Holy Grail; when the camera can register even more and the gripping tool is able to pick up things it can’t grip with 100 percent reliability today.

All in an attractive, userfriendly package.

Our mission

SVIA’s goal is to support manufacturers in their efforts to make themselves more competitive through automation. We do it through our standardized, flexible, userfriendly, attractive, high tech robotic solutions. Solutions that work equally well for both long and short series.

Our product

SVIA builds automated solutions for machine tending processes. Our automated cells use robots to feed components to lathes, mills and to secondary processes like deburring, washing, assembly and part marking.

What makes SVIA special is that we are already building robot cells for a new era in manufacturing. The level of precision is extremely high. It’s fast. It’s clean. The operators are happy. The company makes a quick return on its investment.

Whatever the shape, material, plastics or sheet metal, it makes no difference.
Small batches are no longer an issue.

The cells are quick to install and in many cases everything is included, even the programming. It’s simple. It looks good. It’s done right.


The SVIA story

The SVIA story begins in 1997 when the company Husqvarna has a problem. A machine isn’t working and Husqvarna employee Ari Kesti visits the subcontractor to see what the problem is.

The story that follows includes a nonexistent machine, a frigid chicken coop with bad lighting, calculations of the actual cost of how parts are processed in manufacturing, a professor, an ABB robot and a local company that develops vision systems.

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