SVIA Academy

– Logic will get you from A to B, imagination will take you everywhere. /Albert Einstein

When you take part in the training at SVIA Academy you’ll learn how to operate and program the robot cells. You’ll find out everything you need to know about the feeders, the robot system, the camera and the vision system for production to function smoothly and effectively.

We review the technology and practice programming for your specific components. But since SVIA’s robot cells are so easy to use and get started with, we think the most important thing that happens during the educational process is that you become a part of our journey into the future.

We aim to continually increase our customers’ competence so the robot cells can be used to the fullest. The conversion process should go smoothly and require as little help from us as possible.

It’s only during your training at SVIA Academy that you will see the full poten­tial of your robot cells. The wonderful thing that usually happens is that you start to see new possibilities for automation. The goal of our training is to make our customers self-sufficient so they can program their own robots.

Human beings are unique in their ability to work with an idea and actualize it. At SVIA Academy we take advantage of that quality together.