FeedLines brings success at ANVA

Zdenek Marek is head of production engineering at AnVa Tubes & Components in Eskilstuna, a company that  supplies everything from steel bars of various lengths, to pipes and castings, to ready-made components. He has two FeedLine cells from SVIA at his service.

In the lead

The company started the switchover to automation in 2011. After following up on some tips, doing a certain amount of googling and other research, they approached SVIA and a few more suppliers for offers.

–SVIA took the lead. We liked their in-house developed software and the possibilities of adapting their standardized solutions to our needs. Two FeedLine cells now work to provide our processing machines with various metal tubes and rods.

–These days automation is necessary if you want to stay viable. Automation is what allows us to be cost-efficient and competitive in the outside world.

A little nervous

Zdenek Marek remembers there being a certain amount of nervousness involved. It was the company’s first automation project, and there were concerns about safety.

–We were inexperienced and you don’t just throw that much money around. But it was actually completely painless. 

Two things about the FeedLine solution were especially appreciated by AnVa: SVIA’s in-house developed vision system, PickMT, and the flexibility of the system.

-It’s great not to be confined to a mechanical solution for locating parts. 

More to come

The company’s second project involved a more complex solution as well as several suppliers, but Zdenek Marek is satisfied with the outcome.

–SVIA solves any and all problems, either by quickly coming to us or via their hotline.

He’s also happy with the clean, safe work environment. AnVa definitely plans to invest in more automated solutions in the future.

–All new investments will be in robotic cells. We’re no longer worried now that we’ve seen the results: greater efficiency, lower maintenance costs and money saved.

A smooth transition

The technology is important, but the versatility of SVIA’s standardized solutions is paramount. Short delivery time and price are also factors. Zdenek Marek and AnVa would definitely turn to SVIA in the future.

–SVIA likes to show itself to be better than the competition. I like that they won’t sell anything they don’t 100 percent believe in. In that way SVIA is probably unique in the industry. They can handle any potential anxiety about an automation project and want everything to work smoothly.