- It’s great for our customers.

The SVIA building in Houston, TX, offers great opportunities.

How’s does our facility help our customers grow their business?

We want our customers to have a place to come to, in order to learn and to collaborate with the SVIA team. We want to create an environment that the customers feel comfortable asking questions in detail about their particular bottle necks or the uncertainties of automation.

We want them to always feel welcome and to have a great learning experience with the time they spend with us. We want them to want to come back and have more fun with us and invite additional friends to join them. We look forward to seeing you soon.




5 tips for robot automation

As competition gets stiffer and profit margins shrink, finding new ways of lowering the cost per manufactured part is crucial. In this white paper, we share our experience from hundreds of robotic automation installations.

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FeedLines a success at AnVa Tubes & Components

Zdenek Marek, head of production engineering at AnVa, tells the story about ANVA’s way to automate the production.

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ABB IRB 6700 Robot tends CNC machine at LB Pipe

LB Pipe & Coupling Products has accelerated its growth by installing two robotic machine tending systems from SVIA.

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The SVIA story

The SVIA story begins in 1997 when the Husqvarna Company has a problem with a subcontractor. One of their machines isn’t working properly.

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