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Making the best use of the machine tool

It’s certainly necessary to update your machinery occasionally, but these days we advocate a thorough analysis of what else can be done to develop your business.

Contain following headings

  • The profitability challenge
  • Right skills for programming machine tools
  • Shorten setup time and increase availability
  • The right automation makes efficiency easy
  • Standardized automation for real

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Is your robot going to feed one or more machines?

In this white paper, we’ll look at applications within machine tending, primarily in machine tools. Our specific question is: Should you have one robot per machine, or one robot simultaneously tending multiple machines?

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Meet our Machine Tending Creatures – Husqvarna Case Study

In Husqvarna halls A and B today, aluminum parts for the company world famous chainsaws is processed. Smart automation solutions has allowed production to be brought back to the parent company in Sweden.

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5 tips for robot automation

As competition gets stiffer and profit margins shrink, finding new ways of lowering the cost per manufactured part is crucial. In this white paper, we share our experience from hundreds of robotic automation installations.

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Configurator – Build your own robotic cell

We really like standard automation solutions. Why reinvent the wheel again? Our robotic cells are well proven and you can be confident that what you buy really works.

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