Svia triumphant even outside the workshop floor

Svia from Jönköping came out on top when this year’s winners were announced on Monday the 14th of November at the Musikaliska concert hall in Stockholm. Svia, today part of ABB, won a victory in the category B2B sites and a shared second place in the product catalog category.

– Design is becoming increasingly important in all fields and the manufacturing industry is no exception. We’re a part of the development, both in terms of our robotic cells and our communication, says Martin Skyborn, marketing director at Svia.

The Publishing Prize is a communications contest that is independent of industry organizations. The jury assesses the contestant’s product in its entirety: text content, visual content and – depending on the type of entry – director (film), physical design (print) and usability (website).

– I was a little worried that we had gone too far with our idea of ​​”the creatures” as a metaphor for our robotic solutions. In the movie they’re played by a skilled parkour practitioner doing somersaults through a Småland forest to show how flexible our products are. But you should get butterflies in your stomach when you do something well.

Martin Skyborn thanks the communications team: Flodin Fernström Design Unit (customer, project and design responsibility), the web agency Grand Public, photographer Alvreten, copywriter Mats Janson and printer Ark-Tryckaren.


“Fresh,” was what the jury wrote in its motivation.

The jury’s full motivation: ”For excellent typography, fine color harmony, compelling moving images and excellent product photography – fresh!”



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Svia 2015 Alvreten┬® 0262

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