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ABB Robotics is a leader in industrial robots and robotic systems. Now, we continue our efforts with exciting
challenges and opportunities in world leading technologies. Hence, we are expanding our business in Jönköping and Bredaryd in Sweden and is now seeking Electrical Design Engineer, Software Developer, Machine Builder, Senior Robot Technician, Sales SpecialistSales Manager, Project Manager and R&D Project Manager. 

Does it sound interesting?

Then you are more than welcome to apply to any of our job positions to our new Regional Application Center for Machine Tool Tending (former SVIA).


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ABB acquires SVIA

Acquisition combines SVIA’s leading robotized machine tending solutions with ABB’s globally leading position in industrial automation

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10 Frequently asked questions about robotic automation

Many production managers are currently considering automation. Reports of the positive effects of automation on profitability, safety and quality give inspiration.

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Svia 2015 Alvreten┬® 0262

For the love of tinkering

Out on SVIA’s shop floor, the sound of advanced automation is heard. There is humming, clicking and swishes as robotic cells are tested. Håkan, the assembler, is also there. He’s 100 percent focused on assembling a robotic cell. He loves to tinker with things.

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Swedish companies bring production back home

After many years of outsourcing production to low-wage countries, industrial companies in Sweden are reversing the trend. Two influential factors are thought to be the recent advances in automation and the rising cost of labor in low-wage countries.

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